& the worms ate into his brain.

Megan. I rant, ramble, & speak my mind. I like the unknown & things that go bump in the night.



Kenny is so sick. Not just a cold, he has sever pharyngitis (a throat infection) & a fever of 100-102 that only breaks for a few hours every once in a while. He’s white as a ghost, cold purple lips & hands, can hardly walk or move, sweating bullets one second, an icebox the next. He’s a mess. He’s been like this ever since Saturday night & it’s just getting worse. He’s been to the doctors twice & now they think he might have mono. He’s miserable & so upset because he feels so awful. I’ve never seen him this sick before or this miserable. All I want to do is curl up with him & hold him all night but I can’t & I feel like shit about it. I cried earlier sitting with him because he’s in so much pain & is so upset.
& this comes right during a ton of stress & bullshit that were already in. We’re not fighting or anything, just shit going on with other people that we want out of our lives. This has been such an awful week & I can’t wait until he’s better & we can spend a night with pizza & play station & no worries.

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It’s my 21st birthday & I don’t get to drink tonight, boooooooo.

At least I get a cook out & ice cream cake.

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& I would really like some company.
Ask me questions or add me on snapchat or something: meganreanne

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I passed my state exam today now I’m officially a certified nursing aide.

Remember how I said I’m feeling better? Not anymore.

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For the record it’s been 2 weeks & I’m starting to feel better.

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I had the most fantastic time in New York. Oh my god.
My body is sore, I’m exhausted, & even though I’ve been back in PA since 3, I just got home, so I’m about to crash.

All the pictures will come tomorrow or Tuesday after I recover.

I forget the name but it’s on 45th ave? It’s near Times Square I believe.
It’s a 4 star hotel & we only paid like $130 for the night (which we split so it was dirt cheap).
We’re take a bus & leaving early Saturday morning & coming home late Sunday night.

I’m so fucking excited. The past few weeks have been hell on the both of us. Like complete fucking hell. This is the first time in probably 2 months that well be spending time alone together & not have to worry about coming home on time or answering to anyone or worrying about getting enough sleep for work the next day.

We’re going to eat pizza & go to Central Park & wear cute dresses & be so happy. I’m so excited.

My best friend & I are planning a trip in a few weeks & I want to know what the actual best places are to go.
Especially for food & non-skeevy nightlife.
I’ve only been to New York once & it was on a school field trip so I didn’t really get to experience it they way I want to.

I’ve been trying to look up good restaurants & attractions but other than the typical places you always hear about, I don’t know what to trust or where to go.

So please tell me where to go/what to do! Even if it’s just a place to see. I need help!

I had the best & the worst weekend all in one.
I don’t know how I feel about it.

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If I didn’t send you one then I really hope you guys have a good day. With or without a date.
Because there’s no reason to feel like crap today. ❤️

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Probably going to be sending a lot of you messages today, too.
Please love me 😘

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Finally done making cake balls.
Still need to make everyone’s cards.

I’m the best valentine ever.

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Okay so I just saw a tampon commercial & the selling point was “a re sealable wrapper for discreet disposal”

Um. Who is still in denial about girls having a period? Like who is honestly bothered about hearing a girl rip a wrapper & throw it away in the stall beer to them? & what family member or friend is bothered by seeing a wrapped up tampon in your trash can. In your house?
& why are we supposed be afraid of people knowing in the first place?
What is actually wrong with you people that you can’t accept that girls have periods?

I will never understand why doctor who fans love Rose so much.
She’s the worst.

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